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I must confess that I probably spend a significant amount of time watching youtube videos.
Perhaps that explains why I always used up more than 90% of my total bandwidth allowed in a week. Fyi, International Hall impose a weekly bandwitdh cap of 7.0GB to all Internet users in this hall. That's ONLY 1.0GB per day.

But it's good though. It spurs me to limit my Internet usage (in order not to exceed the cap and have myself quarantined with no Internet access), then I'll focus more time on my studies, instead of watching youtube. haha.

Anyway,a typical routine that I always do after logging in into blogger is that, I'll search for my friends' blog page, and watch the youtube videos posted by them!
I sincerely thank them for posting such interesting videos.

Then I thought,why not I post those videos here, so that for my own convenience, I get to avoid the hassle of opening my friends' blog pages one by one.


So, introducing the song that I'm currently addicted to. Stephanie Sun's new song, original soundtrack for the film 花木兰。The lyrics are intriguing, and I love the background music! I realized that I'm really into those traditional Chinese instruments, the one you'll hear at the intro of the song.

And by the way, Stephanie looks good with long hair! :)

Then another, it's the song used in tv commercials: Everyone connects by TMnet Malaysia.

Bunkface - Through My Window. Though I've never heard of this band, but this local Malaysian band is worth supporting! You'll see why.
Support local artist, support Malaysia! :D

Last but not least, these videos are so good, you just have to agree with me. :P
Marching band rocks!

And this, I regard it as the best drill ever!

I miss my trumpet :) And I miss my guitar too!
Enjoy the videos. I hope you guys will find them entertaining. Cheers!

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  1. XtasyM December 4, 2009 at 4:36 PM
    the bands are damn good!

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