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By -DaN-
I've been blogging about how happening my weekends are, and the previous weekend was without any doubt a jolly good one. :)

Highlights: My friends came all the way to London from Bath, and as the host, I definitely have to do all the planning for the great weekend! The extreme fatigue that I suffered and all the effort I put on it were simply worth it as everyone had an enjoyable time. :D

A few photos to share. Picked out randomly, of no order. :)

On the other hand, there's something about my hall mates. Apparently, Friday nights have became the hang out time that we look forward to!

Last night, we gathered in Krystle's room. And we played heart attack! (You know, the one which involves hand snapping, or rather self torturing. Haha)

Friday 21/11/09: The night of pain and utter FUN.

Evidence of PAIN. Bruised for life.

And then, we switched to another game. Truth or Dare.
With Jamie's Iphone, which has 'Truth or Dare' featured in it (I know, this is so cool right?), the whole session was so funny, everyone's laughing their heads off.

So, have you ever wanted to play Truth or Dare with a bunch of friends, and yet can't think of what questions to ask, or what interesting moves to dare them with? The solution to this is, get an Iphone! HAHA.

Since it's my blog, I don't mind disgracing myself with an unglamorous photo of myself. Hana's magnificent work of art:

Anyway, just wishing to share something with you all.

I've been busy, life's so packed, and time flies real fast.
I'm dealing with heavy workload due to my Pharmacy course on weekdays; And weekends are all about having a splendid time hanging out with friends.

Moreover, all the trips planning and extra curricular activities that I attend to are just so energy and time consuming.
Then I thought, what are the priorities in my life?

Family. I skipped University of London St John session on Wednesday to skype my parents instead. My parents miss me, and in order not to make them worry, I wanted to skype them!

Though learning how to protect and take care of others' and our own physical injuries are important enough, I feel that it's even more important to protect and take care of our parents' heart.

Try not to make them worry. My parents are 6557 miles from here, yet on a brighter side, they are just a phone call away. Making a phone call is effortless, and it makes wonder in getting the family all together again.

My parents have been worrying that I'm not having proper/ sufficient meals.
It came into my mind that I should take a picture of what do I eat in the hall. haha.
And for those friends who have been wondering what diet I'm on that resulted in me getting thinner, this lot is what I eat every dinner:

The fish is named 'Malaysian cod fish', though I wonder which part is Malaysian-ish. And the cheese cake is soooooooooooo good! :D
This doesn't solve the mystery of 'why am I getting thinner?' at all. LOL.

On the other hand, I've finally called my friend, Wei Chian after ages of arranging a perfect time to skype together.
We chatted, and I really enjoyed the more-than-an-hour conversation! It's nice being able to chat like that.
Have a good life alright?

And I started writing letters, postcards and stuffs.
Being able to adapt in London doesn't mean I'll forget all my friends back in Malaysia. You guys are equally important to me!

Besides, I kinda reluctantly refused to go to Portobello market with friends today. I rested, then I went to London Fo Guang Shan instead.

I've been planning to go there even before I arrive in London. And finally I have a free weekend, or more accurately, I took the initiative to arrange a free time at last. Then I visited the Senate House library, which is also one of the places that I wish to go.

It's just that, I would like to uphold my principle: Study Hard, Play Hard, and more importantly, rest well.
I'm allowing myself to relax, and I'm avoiding being deprived of sleep.
Health is wealth, people! Cheers! :D

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  1. Jing Hui November 21, 2009 at 5:45 PM
    okay..ur dinner is good enuf to put u on weight..i am still wondering why u r getting thinner..lol..may be due to xiang shi bing...
  2. -DaN- November 21, 2009 at 5:50 PM
    Haha. Geng Wai LLL.
    Btw, why are you not asleep?
    It's late. Time to sleep, my daughter! haha.
  3. EvanChiAN November 21, 2009 at 7:24 PM
    Aww I see my name in ur post :-) kinda a lil bit proud of it!! We shall have more chatting like that or u could have forgotten my existence already!! Your post sounds superb fun , how good if I'm there too ;-( btw I'm suffering in the library now not enough time for study already!!
  4. g_yean_i November 22, 2009 at 1:29 AM
    A fun life you're having there~ but ya, take care of your health! Must have enough rest o! Oh, eat more junk food!!!! hahaha.
  5. Jing Hui November 22, 2009 at 3:01 AM
    haha...nyiao..u also slept very late leh...but then u can woke up earlier than me...oh no...I think I have once more proven that u r my papa..haha..Alwys sleep after his daughter n wake up b4 his daughter as well.^^
  6. -DaN- November 22, 2009 at 6:46 AM
    @Chian: All the best!! Which libray you're in? The Sunway one? The one that I've been there before?

    @Yean: Junk food?! All I have are chocs! Yea!! Walkers~ I kinda forgotten how walkers taste like already :/ haha

    @Jing Hui: haha. you're right! Next time must celebrate father's day. haha. :D
  7. Pinkie123 November 23, 2009 at 2:51 PM
    nyiao~~ yean still advice for eating more junk food!Should be eating moremuller, isnt it?? haha..wei u go to fo guang shan already! how was it? :)
  8. -DaN- November 24, 2009 at 3:35 AM
    Haha. I want muller yogurt! Though I haven't tried it before, but I know it's so nice you can't resist it! haha.

    Nway, I went to London Fo Guang Shan for a talk on Saturday, then a service the day after. Quite a number of devotees there, and they are friendly! Got to know some Malaysian friends, which 90% of them are working already. haha~

    If there's 密集课程 or special events, I can ask you all to come! :)

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