-Let Th3m Do th3 TaLkiNg-

By -DaN-
As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words. quote-unquote from wei chian, coz he once said it before, *i think.. Not quite sure about that. hahaz. So, clearly there's no much of a point for writing a post on updates coz today's theme is all about:

''L3T th3 piCtuR3s Do th3 taLkiNg''!!

Here are the pictures of the month. Sit back and enjoy =) wink.

12/10/2008 =BuddY Campfire=

UCSI Buddhist Youth first time ever campfire!! Such a big crowd turned out even it's on a sunday evening! Cheers! No doubt we had lots of fun and enjoy the peaceful moment of offering the light. We had been brought together to this wonderful night, and yet we hope, the bond will stay and grow. Since it's the last event of buddy in year 2008, Till we meet again, take care!

p/s: My dad designed the Buddy Birthday cake! =)

30/10/2008 = Dudu, Happie Bday!! =

According to her, It's her BestEST bday ever! haha. 24 hours of surprise. Despite the usual cakes and bday songs, we presented her a big bday card! Then we watched the wonderful Europa Galante performance in KLCC, thx to cheok ee for recommending. And I managed to take a picture with chao yi's handsome guy, hmm. I wonder who is he? hahaha.

1/11/2008 =Seafood outing to Bagan Lalang.=

All credits go to Bro Yikh Hwa who brought us to his hometown! U know wat, I Had the Best time ever! And I bet the others who were our gang, dudu, cheok ee, and yun yi enjoyed it very much too!

Quoting some highlights out from ''100 days good heart'', so called my diary:

* Ring, Ring, 毅华师兄 call 来约我们去吃seafood! 晕...结果5个人高高兴兴的出发!很久的一个半小时后,终于到了,肚子都饿扁了。吃完了,就玩海边!好大风啊!其实讲真的,我好享受那一刻!美好夜景配上佳友知己,没有一刻是浪费掉的!拍了照,拾了贝壳,坐在美美的沙发上就走了。下一站,KLIA!首30分钟的路程,Dudu和CE 玩‘大笨象,夹大蟹’游戏(我小时候也玩过),闹得yun yi 只好把自己塞在旁边。后30分钟路程简直是人间地狱,整30分钟被kuci!我都要疯掉了!谢天谢地到了KLIA,趁机kuci driver!哈哈。哈哈。拖着身子走来走去,看了几粒飞机就回家了。回家路程累到睡着,结果被偷排!十分好玩的一个晚上,TQ毅华师兄!*

May our lives get even better, eventful, and fulfiling to all of us.

More updates yet to come. Till then, Cheers!


-Double TAGGED!-

By -DaN-
Alright. Seriously, I was double tagged! by chun jie and cheok ee. And, obviously it occured tonnes of years ago. haha. Then today, something came into my mind. I thought that I shouldn't abandon my blog for too long, though I had found my new love, ''100 days of good heart''. haha. kidding. okay, for everyone's info, I'm writing stuffs down into sort-of-like a diary, a special one indeed. And the truth is, I'm quite fond of it XD gee. Anyway, I'll still blog. So, no worries. Here goes CE's tag first:


Okay. I actually tried doing both the tagboards and guess what, I failed. So Sorry for the disappointment, or perhaps U might wan to cheer for it. Either way, I did spent 20 mins on it. haha. Sorry chun jie and CCE, I did my best. And I dont think I'm good in tagboards. So, thanks for the tag yea.

Life's been busy. And lots of friends started to feel the tense. Yet I'm now still hands on laptop but not my notes. oh my, I do realise I'm doomed not to be crowned with the title ''mugger''. Saddening. haha.

From the previous post, which was during school break, till now, I guess It had been 3 weeks.
3 weeks of intense lectures, huge pile of homework. and happening events, such as BuddY campfire. Worked all the way up, and had lots of FUN. So much had I achieved, and there's still so much dream to catch. kinda like in a dilemma right now. U know, I've never regretted coming back from singapore to UCSI and as times goes by, it confirmed my thought. Coz I really enjoyed my study life here. The university the experience huh? agreed! =)

Yet no worries my secondary school mates, obviously I miss those days. I always do. And I'm pretty sure in the near future, I'm going to miss the present time. Friends now tend to avoid the topic on wat happens after A levels. It's so much anticipated, yet when we think about each other, we just can't stand the idea of not living together anymore. Anyhow It's way too uncertain.

Mr Tan, my physics teacher once said, ''NOW is the time u'll get true friends. For during employment, colleagues are never the same as those that u actually sit in a classroom with.'' Yes, He's right and wise. Coz frankly, I do feel the presence of all my true friends. No where far and No where near, we're all having a healthy bond of friendships. Though like what jing hui told me, which gave me a heartfelt feeling, we now dont play truth or dare that often anymore, Not going mamak stall at late nights, and mahjong sessions till 3am had gone extinct; but u know, we're just worn out by the daily big ans small issues. One day soon, let's have a relaxing and fun gathering alright! *wink

Now that trials are coming. more of less 16 days left i think? I might have to focus on studies. there's time for everything, and The key is how to juggle between all of them. I'll strive for a balanced life no matter what XD

Wow. This is the first time I type something without second thought. Just pour out whatever comes in mind. This might not be a good, happy, happening post like what I usually have, but yeah, i'm cool with it. cheers!

-Family outing!!-

By -DaN-
Oh great. My dream came true!
I was hoping that my family trip will compensate my moodiness in my last post. And definitely, it did! oh yea~ Public holidays are the best time for family outings! And this time, Lee family set foot at Gopeng, Perak! haha. I shall show all of u lots of lots of pics!
Behold, Adeline's Resort~
And here's the female boss! She's nice, and she looks like Pn Yong, my previous Bahasa Malaysia tuition teacher! haha.
Okay. the very first minute we reach there, then it's boat rafting time! Aint it cool? The first activity is the one that I anticipate most!! Never had I tried boat rafting b4, this is going to be so so so cool!
The Boat! 5 ppl in one boat. 4 dudes rafting, my mom's the captain of the boat! haha. She's in charge to shout the orders and sight seeing effortlessly while we use all our might to escort her. haha.
Laugh all u want looking at me wearing those safety helmets. coz i look wierd n nerdy! haha.
Oh. here's the highlight. Cheok Ee, through this trip, we actually fulfilled ur dream! We actually CLIMBED trees! and jump into the water from up there! Climbing trees and adventurous stuffs like tat is wat u ever wanted to do rite?? XD

Then. We're back to the rest house. And welcome to our hut~

Of Atap houses;

Tilams and No air cond;

And our very own public toilet!! hahaha. Sorry that this picture is a bit obscene. But i was faking it la okay? XD

Looks relaxing? Lying down on that thing is simply N-I-C-E!
Then, we have jungle tracking! Trust me, jungle trekking is not something that suits someone with a faint heart. Coz u'll meet lots of things. Especially, my dear ''friend'' leeches!

Blood donation. Sucking on my blood. tat leech still looks tiny, havent suck finish yet.
And the after effect..
One whole pool of blood. and me posting ''peace'' with bloody finger. haha.
And here's IPOH tree! The town IPOH is named after this! it's posionous though. it's tree sap is used by aborigins to make poison dart for hunting. perhaps this is why ipoh ppl always ciam others? haha. jkjk.
Walking all the way in the woods, until we reach a waterfall! i'll definitely regret if I dont have a shot of it, so here goes.
And then there's the river. which we tried body rafting! which means sliding down rapid stream using only ur body.
here's the multi-million shot. Try to spot me k! haha.
Whole family.
Me n my bro slipped down the slippery stones. hahaThen, dinner time and some photos of night view!
Next day, caving time! Gua kundu, i assumed the spelling is as such. one of the guas where the communists hide during darurat.

Dont we look like contractors? haha.
Then after the caving, we needed a ride back to the rest house. Definitely not first class seat for us since we're all dirty!! so, we ended up behind and on a pick-up truck!

haha. I was dirty, filthy and ugly. tired!
After cleaning up, Right before leaving gopeng, we went and play with the thing again.
And guess what, I SPOILT IT!

The rope went loose and i literally fell down with gravitational acceleration 9.81ms-2 until I hit really really hard on the floor. My butt hurts. ha ha ha

And one last photo of the day~ *wink

Then again.. I love adventures and I love outdoor activities! Aww, I love my family outing! XD

And so, Gopeng is the place that I higly recommend to ppl who seek for the Ohm and the FUN in nature. And dont worry, they dont pay me commission for promoting them. so if u have the chance, be there! =)

Till then, My holidays are ending soon! And Tomolo I'll be in ucsi once again =)

Bye Klang. Hi Cheras~ Start to be busy like crazy again!

p/s: My ucas application is finally sent!

Really thanks to those who do care and understand my downfall. Words of encouragement, are the best motivating gifts. Fear not, the happy go lucky Daniel is back! XD

I'll post more pics in frenster. hehe


-Bad Day-

By -DaN-
* And I had a bad day. Real bad.

This week began with such promising matters that I look forward to. Yesterday was spelndid, considering that I managed to overcome the overpopulation of butterflies in my gut and ended up the meeting with UCSI student affairs office with problems solved. Lower t shirt price, high amount of sponsorship. Nothing could had been better until today..

You see, today's the internal deadline for ucas application, which means my application to universities in UK should be submitted by today! I finally finalized my personal statement in the morning. And got everything prepared before 12pm. yap. emphasize on the 12pm*.

Anyway, everything's done, checked, ticked. until i click the ''button'' summit.

-credit card security code invalid-

Shocked. I stared at the screen opened jaw. okay then. try again.

-credit card security code invalid-

ER, wat's going on? nvm, retry. at this point of time, i called my dad, got myself another security code. suspected that the previous one was wrong.

-credit card security code invalid!!!-

GOSH. my patience is challenged. retry. retry.


N for like the seventh time, after thousands of call to my dad, interrupting his meeting each time his phone rang. I clicked submit one again.

Hola~ finally, something different appeared.

-You have exceeded the permitted number of attempts to pay by credit/debit card. Please call +44 (0)871 468 0 468 for further assistance. UK BT landline calls will cost no more than 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary.-


finally, the red alert came.

Trying real hard not to panic. I went to UCSI IUPC- the department tat's supposed to deal with my prob. Miss Ernie's on leave for the whole week. And the department is currently dealing with dentistry ppl's application and hardly have any time to deal with pharmacy's one. Since dentistry's deadline is officially today. Alright then. What next? I was told to call MABECS.

ring ring. (okay. I'm trying to make this post not so serious n heavy. lol )
MABECS answered, passed the line around n I ended up with a consultant. Told my problem, n I was asked to called the UK number stated above.

wait a sec, UK number!!?? take note. it says it will cost no more than 9 pounds per minute. which means at least rm54 per minute of phone call!!!!! gosh. it's gonna cost me a BOMB. FAINT*

Credits to Aylwin's postpaid phone, I rang that number. And u know wat. 11++am in malaysia is actually 4++am in UK! n the working hours in UK is from their 8.30am to their 6pm. so i Figured out that the only way is to call after 5pm. sigh.

7pm. I reached klang. straight away ran to the house phone and start calling.
''Nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan kami''


No matter how desperately I repeated dialing, Varying the phone number, hoping to be lucky or watsoever, Failure strikes non-stop. hopeless, despair. sigh.

So, in the end, I called miss joanne uneasily. Yea, she's nice. She even joked with me. N definitely, I tried to be nice. She'll contact miss Ernie and try to solve in for me then. When all hope has lost, thx to her, she'll be helping me.

Undeniably The whole process was draining. tiring. Each effort bounced back with more despair. The more optimistic I am, The more failure I get. Throughout the day, yes, I am not panic, but, I just cant help it to feel unhappy, uneasy. This thingy is going to cost my future afterall, how can I just be happy go lucky over it?

Nway. the day was bad. And my application is not even done till now. And this conclude the day.
Oh ya. I hit my toe hard on my bro's bed. Severe internal bleeding. ANd it hurts.

Sigh. I shall deal with it no matter how. no choice.
Tomolo's family trip. hope it'll turn the whole world around. And once again, make me happie..

Tough day. Goodnite.

-Life ROcks!-

By -DaN-
College life's been so busy, so crazy and yet so HAPPENING!

And I know, one day soon, I'll pound my heart so hard out of utter remorse if I were to keep all this greatness to myself.
So, pardon me people, lecturers and friends who made me realize that I absolutely should be sticking my head to books, books and books at this hour. After so much resistance that I built up myself not to do this, pleeeease, spare me sometime for my little diary here alright??
SO, wat's on the list?!

None other than my physics presentation which happened to be 2 weeks ago! U know, I kinda like spent so long hours preparing my slides over the holidays! It's not easy presenting on physics, especially something so abstract as such in a capacitor circuit! Yet, every drop of blood, sweat and tears shed paid off, considering that at the end of the presentation, I managed to snap this photo!

-Yen yen, Aliaa, Ms Joanne, Mr Tan and a random guy-

Aint this photo nice?? And this is even eligible to be qualified as the wallpaper of the year in my cellphone! Okay, briefly gone through the first event. Next, mooncake festival celebration!

The gang was so out of mind that we actually celebrated on the first day of August in the chinese calender, which simply means, there's no mooon AT ALL. so, obviously the act of admiring the moonlight view was totally impossible. HOWEVER, nothing can break our spirits! Coz we have lanterns and cam-whores to light the way~

And this cat, nicknamed AIK JIN, is officially the lifewire of the party! at least it managed to made everyone went crazy feeding it non-stop. XD I bet it gained tonnes of weight tat day.

Then, puasa month came by. And care not to fall of from ur seats, I actually did puasa! My fellow malay friends organized a Ramadan event, and in conjunction to this, I decided to puasa along with them~ Woke up at 5.12am, stopped eating breakfast at exactly 5.40am that day, then did my long time overdue homework till daylight came. And of course I dont eat, I dont drink for the rest of the day, till 7.15pm, which is the time I buka puasa with 200 others in the MPH hall! It feels real great having the opportunity to be exposed to the practices of other culture and religion, especially when it's a first person experience!

9 chinese turned up. And the organisers are so nice greeting us, treating us as if guests of the event. Which made me fully enjoyed the event very much, especially the Food. Coz to account for the minority vegetarian like me n frens, they actually took the trouble to prepare additional veges and taufu. which I felt, hey, that's really nice of them! =) So, thumbs up to u all my frens~

The Chinese Gang~ Me-EG-Atiqah
Fatheerah~ My ex-roommate's er hem. :P

Datin Paduka Yasmin-who wanted to show me her dato yet he didnt turn up. hmphNow this, Dont let her height fool ur eyes. coz she was wearing really high heels that day! Anyway, I'm still taller. haha.And finally, this little handsome guy here! It took me so much effort to get a photo with him. I've even Waited for him as he went to washroom, juz to get this picture. celebrity attitude huh? yet, he's cute~ hehe

Alright, after rushing and scribbling through this post, I shall really really have to stop right here. Just a little bit of hint, the best of the year, is yet to come!! Something's coming, and I'm excited over it! Hope it'll turn out great alright! then I'll be able to share it here once again.

so, do anticipate my return.. -I'll be back! hehehe- Cheers~